Dub Gypsy Kitchen at One Love Fest 2017

Due to lack of response Dub Gypsy Kitchen will not be at One Love...follow us on FB to keep up to date with future events!

Dub Gypsy Kitchen is Offering a Pre-Purchased Meal Plan for the Entire Weekend

Your Purchase is Your Reservation to Free Flow Dining in our Lavish Bedouin Tent and served to you by our amazing staff from our beautiful buffet, join us anytime within the following meal windows!  We will have fresh drinking water at each meal.

Brunch served 9a-Noon

Dinner served 7p-10p

What if I told you there was no need to worry about food or nutrition at One Love Fest?  What if you had the opportunity to indulge in farm fresh fruits and vegetables, locally sourced grass-fed free-range meat, and family owned seasonally and sustainably sourced, wild caught fresh fish?   What if you could share in this feast with old friends and new alike in a shaded space for all to gather, a space curated to be bright, casual, and inviting during the daytime, sultry and sexy once the sun has disappeared into the horizon?

Geared toward those joining from both near and far that don’t have the means to provide kitchen infrastructure but want to have access to amazing food with a menu that changes daily and fuses not only flavors and techniques from around the world, but also endeavors to create a dining space that encompasses all the diversity it’s guests bring with them.

What if these meals were brought to you by a world-class chef with over 30 years of experience in creating magic with flavors, someone who shares in these values, and a team that year after year brings these creations to remote locations to help feed your passions and your soul?  What if I told you that for one price you could join in this meal plan for the entire week and not worry about food, prepping, cooking, storing, shopping, or cleaning up and you could focus on your intentions for being at One love?  This is exactly what Chef Brian Vaccarella and Dub Gypsy Kitchen are offering for One Love Fest!